How to launch your website with rocket hosting and make money as an affiliate

July 30, 2022


Creating your own website and making money through affiliate marketing can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing at all! As long as you do your research and start with the right partner, you can make money online easily and quickly.

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to launch your website and start making money through affiliate marketing using Rocket Hosting as your platform and kinsta as your web hosting provider! Join me in this tutorial to learn how to start an affiliate website with rocket hosting!

Step 1: Choose a domain name

Your domain name is your web address and it’s how people will find you online. When choosing a domain name, keep it short, memorable, and relevant to your business. Once you’ve settled on a name, you can register it through a domain registrar like Namecheap or Hover. The cost of registering a domain name usually ranges from $8–20 for the first year and $10–15 for renewals after that.

Step 2: Get Hosting

If you want to make money with your website, you need to have a place to host it. That’s where Rocket Hosting comes in. They offer affordable, reliable hosting plans that will keep your site up and running. Plus, as an affiliate, you can earn commission on every new customer you refer.

Step 3: Create an amazing, custom designed website

A custom designed website will help you stand out from the competition and attract more customers. Plus, a well-designed website can help you make money through affiliate marketing. Here are five tips to creating a custom designed website:

  1. Use a professional web designer — A professional web designer will be able to create a custom website that is both visually appealing and functional.
  2. Use high-quality images — High-quality images will make your website look more professional and can help you attract more visitors.

Step 4: Get Your Website Noticed

So you’ve created a website and now it’s time to get people to visit it. How do you go about doing that? The answer is two-fold: search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. By optimizing your site for search engines, you can increase your chances of appearing in the top results when people search for keywords related to your business. And by marketing your site, you can reach potential customers where they’re already spending their time online.

Step 5: Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Now that you have a website, you can start making money with affiliate marketing. To do this, find companies that offer products or services that are related to your niche and promote their products on your site. When someone clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission.


  1. If you’ve been thinking about starting a website, there’s no better time than now. With Rocket Hosting, you can get your site up and running in no time. Plus, their affiliate program is a great way to make some extra money.
  2. Getting started is easy. Just sign up for a Rocket Hosting account and then use their provided code to create your site. You’ll be able to choose from over 20 different templates, or design one of your own! Once it’s finished, go ahead and share it on social media or post the link on your personal blog or email list. Your friends will be eager to check out the new website you created! After they visit it once and make a purchase through your referral link, you’ll start earning commissions.



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